Tsuru Paas at Qdqmedia

Begining with the new tech blog, at QDQMEDIA, where I work, I wrote a post in Spanish about Tsuru Paas,  one Platform as a service based on docker, that we use for a few months and we are very pleased. It allows us, from the operations department, to unleash the talent of the developers, leaving the operations […]

repair root xfs filesystem

I have a lot of kvm virtual machines with xfs on the root filesystem. XFS is a great filesystem from SGI. On the last years its performance and stability has been improved and linux distros like Redhat think on it like default filesystem. Today one VM report incorrect free space, so df -h S.ficheros Tamaño […]

create long running query on oracle

In order to make a resource plan on oracle, you need a long running query to test, for example:   select count(*) from dba_extents e, dba_segments s, dba_tables t where e.segment_name!=s.segment_name and e.segment_name!=t.table_name and s.segment_name!=t.table_name

generar paquete deb a partir del código fuente

Para generar un paquete .deb que son los que se usan en ubuntu a partir del codigo fuente de algo que hayamos compilado, podemos usar el comando checkinstall, para ello lo mas normal es ejecutarlo asi: checkinstall –pkgname=nombre-pkg –pkgversion=”1:$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M)” –default esto nos generara un paquete debian en el directorio actual. checkinstall 1.6.2, Copyright 2009 […]