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NAME: Vicente Málaga



vmalaga [–admin systems|database] [–devops] [–developer]
[–dba oracle|mysql|postgresql] [–proxmox]



Unix systems engineer with wide experience on oracle database administration, administration of Linux clusters and DevOps operations
I enjoy looking how linux has changed all companies in which I worked, transforming them completely, always following the DevOps techniques, integrating the best GNU tools to quickly and efficiently deploy large cluster environments and most importantly, eliminating annual license fees

I was previously working on Oracle environments with RAC clusters, understanding the bottlenecks in the database and generating the necessary procedures for the smooth operation of applications, something that is not always easy in environments with closed applications that do not allow source code modification.


* admin systems

extensive experience in the configuration, optimization and maintenance of different Unix and Linux systems, including:

  • Sun Solaris 8,9,10 – Sun Microsystems Certified Systems Engineer
  • Debian and Ubuntu
  • Red Hat
  • Oracle Linux
  • Proxmox, this is a debian distro with a great interface for creating KVM clusters

Extensive experiencie in rapid deployment with tool like ansible and puppet

Setup Linux infrastructure components including load balancers, DNS servers, web/application servers, and mail servers.

* devops

Working closely with the development department, I have implemented many tools that increase productivity, always with free software

  • gitlab
  • tsuru
  • ansible
  • pfsense, the best networking tool i have never see
  • graphite

* admin database

Over 10 years working with databases of all kinds, on great enterprises with oracle oracle, or working on online operations with gnu databases like mysql or postgresql, provide me a vision of how databases work, allowing to get ride of the problems effectively.

I have worked with all Oracle versions, from 8i to 12c, with sql tuning to optimize workloads and ETL’s

Also I have wide experience on Gnu databases mysql and postgresql, and no-sql databases like redis, memcache or riak kv


  • E-mail: vmalaga on
  • IP address:
  • LinkedIn:

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